Delivery of the research grant under the Queen Victoria Eugenia UCM Doctorate Chair of the British Hispanic Foundation. Granted by the British Council.

On November 13, 2019, we delivered the research grant of the 2018/19 course to Rocío Checa Herráiz.

Rocío, a Postgraduate student at the UCM Veterinary School, thanked the concession to the British Council and the Foundation. She conveyed her enthusiasm to continue her research at the Institute of Infection and Global Health of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liverpool under the supervision of Professor Alan Radford.

She expressed her research project will focus on analysing the available information on canine leishmaniasis that also affects humans.

The President, Ambassador Fidel López Álvarez, congratulated the winner and wished her much success in her investigation. He also pointed out that this is the 26th edition of the British Hispanic Chair emphasizing that the recipients of the scholarship are the alma mater of our Foundation.

The Dean, Pedro Luis Lorenzo González, thanked the Foundation for the honour given to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to host the RVE Doctorate Chair during a course with guest professor Alan Radford in collaboration with RRII Vice-Dean Angel Sainz. He also stated that the tradition of the Foundation for the promotion of talent continues with the election of Rocío Checa.

The Director of the British Council closed the event encouraging Rocío Checa to enjoy and take full advantage, both personally and professionally, of his stay in Liverpool. He highlighted the great opportunity offered to study in an international environment and wished her a fruitful investigation.

Photos British Council.

Fidel López Álvarez. Chairman.

Rocío Checa.