At the end of the academic year, the award for the “Reina Victoria Eugenia” British Hispanic Doctoral Chair is awarded, consisting of a research scholarship at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom, destined for one or more of the doctoral students who have participated in the Chair. This award is given by the British Council.

With this opportunity that the awarded students receive, the British Hispanic Foundation, in accordance with its founding purpose of promoting cultural exchange between both countries, contributes to the training of Spanish research talent in the United Kingdom.

Throughout all these years, since the Chair was established in 1993, more than 30 Spanish researchers have benefited from these awards and more than 750 students from doctoral classes.

The “Reina Victoria Eugenia” British Hispanic Doctorate Chair arises from a cooperation agreement between the British Hispanic Foundation and the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). It began in 1993 and it is two years later, in 1995, when once consolidated and under the presidency of the Foundation of Ambassador Felipe de la Morena, His Majesty King Juan Carlos granted the name of “Queen Victoria Eugenia British Hispanic Chair”, in honor of her illustrious grandmother Queen Victoria Eugenia, born British and Queen of Spain.

The Chair, on an annual basis and rotating among all the Faculties, is attended by a British professor, initially from the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge, and later extended to eminent professors from other British universities.

Throughout the academic year, the British professor who attends the Queen Victoria Eugenia Chair makes three visits to Madrid to direct his doctoral course at the UCM and also offers three public lectures, coinciding with each of his visits.

The latest winners

“I would like to thank the British Hispanic Foundation and the British Council for the endowment of this scholarship that will allow me to research at the Enfacion and Global Care Institute, at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Liverpool, under the supervision of Professor Alan Radford”

Rocío Checa Herráiz

Veterinary School

“Reina Victoria Eugenia” Doctorate Chair Award 2019

“It is an honor for me to receive this prestigious scholarship, which will be a link in the research project that I will carry out as part of my doctoral studies”

Alexandra Dehesa Santos

Faculty of Dentistry

“Reina Victoria Eugenia” Doctorate Chair Award 2018