Honorary President

“For my family, and for me personally, it has always been very pleasant to maintain the institutional support for the British Hispanic Foundation because it reminds us of the good relationship Spain has with the United Kingdom.

It is a living memory for us that has existed for generations. And we are pleased that it continues to be encouraged as a bridge between the two countries.

Within it, the Queen Victoria Eugenia Chair is especially important because it keeps collaboration and excellence alive in the academic world for the new generations ”.

H.R.E. Infanta Doña Margarita de Borbón

Duchess of Soria

The Board of Trustees

Sir Roger Fry Founder and Chair of the Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Think Tank

Julia Sánchez-Asiaín Member of the Executive Committee and Think Tank Coordinator

Alex Hossbach Pérez British-Spanish – halfway between Asturias and London! International Relations Graduate & total diplomacy geek. Proud FHB Think Tank member.

Clara Mooney Muñoz British - Spanish, born in Manchester. International Relations student with special interest in international history, human rights and environmental care.