With 40 years of history, we are a Spanish private foundation that promotes the exchange of culture between Spain and the United Kingdom.

  • In the Sociocultural field: promoting meetings between British and Spanish citizens, through our Social and Cultural Activities, such as the British Hispanic Forum, Conferences, Visits, Excursions, Trips and Book Presentations; as well as Lunches, Gala Dinners, Concerts and Receptions with guests of honor.
  • In the field of Communication: disseminating information through our​ Publications​, both in printed format (Books and Reports) and in digital format (FHB Papers, Highlights, Interviews and Of interest).

Founded by Sir Roger Fry in 1980, under the Honorary Presidency of HRH the Infanta Doña Margarita, Duchess of Soria, the British Hispanic Foundation has its headquarters in Madrid and is registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture and Sports with the number 128.


Over 40 years of existence

The Fundación Hispano Británica was created in the early 80s with the sponsorship of the Infanta doña Margarita, Duchess of Soria. It received the active support of the ambassadors Mr. Jose Joaquín Puig de la Bellacasa in London and Lord Nicholas Gordon-Lennox in Madrid.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide civil society with the opportunity to understand and be part of the cultural exchange between Spain and the United Kingdom, and to promote relations between the Spanish and the British through academic, cultural and social events.

Throughout these four decades, the Fundación Hispano Británica has hosted numerous Spanish and British personalities, from the sphere of science, arts, music, architecture and royal families, and its history will always be linked to the historical visit, to Spain and the Foundation, of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Duke of Edinburgh, in 1988.

Founding Purpose

Why we exist

To promote Hispanic British cultural relations and create a forum for encounters that lead to greater understanding between citizens of the United Kingdom and Spain.


What we do

Organize cultural and social gatherings, including conferences, round tables, visits, excursions, exhibitions and concerts; as well as lunches or dinners with guests of honor and all those activities that serve to develop the founding purpose.