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Aims & Scope


The ‘FHB Papers’ series is a yearly publication for academic papers, reports or alike edited and published by the British Hispanic Foundation (FHB). All ideas related to either Spain, the United Kingdom or both are under the scope of the FHB Papers. Ideas from all disciplines are welcome, and are broadly categorized in:


(I) Arts & Humanities

(II) Social Sciences

(III) Health Sciences

(IV) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Sciences


FHB Papers may publish some ideas presented in FHB academic-related activities, such as the FHB Forum or the yearly Chair/s for Doctoral Studies.





Editor in Chief


Prof. Dr. Raúl G. Sanchis

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ICEI and FHB Executive Committee member







Editorial Board


Prof. Dr. James C. Anderson

University College London


Prof. Dr. Philip Arestis

University of Cambridge


The Lady Brennan

FHB Patron


Prof. Dr. Jaime De Salas Ortueta

Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Sra. Dª. Sonsoles Diez de Rivera

FHB Vicepresident


Prof. Dr. Felipe Fernández-Armesto

University of Notre Dame (USA) in England


Sir Roger Fry

FHB Founder


Prof. Dr. Francisco Glicerio Conde Mora

Universidad de Cádiz


Prof. Dra. Lisa Hall

University of Cambridge


Prof. Dr. John Martin

University College of London


Sra. Dª. Sarinka Parry-Jones

Head of Economics and Public Policy

British Embassy Madrid


Sra. Dª. Adriana Pérez Rotondo

University of Cambridge


Sir Paul Preston

London School of Economics and Political Science


Prof. Dr. Philip Schlesinger

University of Stirling


Prof. Dr. Eduardo Valls

Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Prof. Dr. Edmund Valpy Knox Fitzgerald

University of Oxford




Editorial Policies


  • FHB Papers is a refereed online publication which welcomes any contribution under the Aims & Scope, not only from university professors but also and especially from early-stage and young researchers inside or outside the academia.
  • Papers may be submitted in Microsoft Word, LaTeX or pdf formats for the referee process.
  • However, only upon acceptance, author/s will be required to adapt the papers to the format established in the FHB Papers template.
  • The structure of all papers must be mostly adapted to the structure which can also be viewed in the FHB Papers template.
  • The ‘FHB Papers’ series is published in open access format, and there is no fee in any part of the process.
  • Template
  • Any author interested in submitting a manuscript for publication in the FHP Papers must send it by email directly to the Editor in Chief (email:
  • After submission, the Editor in Chief will decide on each paper always after consideration with members of the Editorial Board experts in the topic and/or some additional anonymous referee/s.





Publication Ethics


The ‘FHB Papers’ series is committed and aligned with the guidelines on this matter published by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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