FHB Friends contribute to the British Hispanic Foundation with an Annual Donation and trough their participation in our Cultural and Social Activities 

What does being a FHB Friend mean?

  • Collaborate to promote cultural exchange between Spain and the United Kingdom
  • Be part of the Foundation in Spain that has been pursuing this goal for 40 years
  • Discover and learn about Spanish and British culture
  • Engage with Spaniards and Britons with the same interes

Being a FHB Friend means that you support private initiative and appreciate the importance of promoting culture and fostering relations between Spaniards and Britons. The FHB Friends are primarily Spanish who have a link to the UK or are drawn to British culture; and Britons who through FHB find a space to learn about Spanish culture and meet people with a common interest.

What are the advantages of being a FHB Friend?

  • You will receive information from the Foundation and the calls to participate in all our Cultural and Social Activities, with preference in the registration and reduced price
  • Free subscription to our Newsletter
  • Invitation to participate in the FHB Annual Assembly
  • Access to social and business networking activities with a British-Hispanic focus to participate in the FHB Annual Assembly
  • Participation in our Annual British-Hispanic Forum
  • Attendance at the lectures of the Doctorate Chair “Reina Victoria Eugenia”
  • Priority invitation to the Annual Reception (in the summer) at the residence of the British Ambassador in Spain.
  • Preferential registration to the Annual New Year’s Luncheon chaired by H.R.H. Infanta Doña Margarita
  • Your donation is deductible in personal income tax IRPF

When you make a donation to the British Hispanic Foundation, in your personal income tax IRPF you can deduct:

The first €150 have a deduction of:


The rest of the donation that exceeds €150 has a deduction of:


After 3 years collaborating with donations for an amount equal to or greater than the two previous years, 30% will be increased to:


How to be a FHB Friend?

It is very simple, you just have to send us the registration form correctly completed. Once we receive it, we will send you a confirmation email welcoming you as a FHB Friend.

Choose the option which suits you best:


Resident in Madrid

Annual donation: 60 €

Resident outside of Madrid

Annual donación: 40 €

Youth (25 to 35 years old)

Annual donation: 30 €

Students (up to 25 years old)

Annual donation: 15 €

Family Grouping

(Same bank address | Donation per person)


Annual donation: 50 €

Youth (25 to 35 years old)

Annual donation: 25 €

Students (up to 25 years old)

Annual donation: 10 €

Registration Form

Online registration

Quick and easy

Inscription on paper

Fill in this form in PDF and send it to info@fhb.es