July 2022


We all know Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) as the greatest children´s author with Peter Rabbit as her beloved character. (The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1902).

The current exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum shows her as a scientist and a conservationist and explores the places and animals that inspired her most beloved characters.

In collaboration with the National Trust the exhibition “Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature” is on now until Sunday 8th January 2023.

It is always a joy to encounter with any of Beatrix Potter’s works (drawings, drafts, etc.). In this exhibition you can explore her attributes as a scientist. The way she studied insects, her favorite animals, reminds me to the studies the great Old Masters have been doing for ages.

Her love for nature and animals is expressed through her work. Personally, I have had the opportunity to see her works firsthand and I can assure you the quality of her work is magnificent. The detail, the palette of colours and the way she transforms animals to small little characters with own personalities within the world she created is worthy to enjoy.

Although she was born in South Kensington (London), she finds inspiration for her projects and studies from her own garden and family holidays at the District Lake and Scotland.

Illustrated letter, from Beatrix Potter to Walter Gaddum, 6 March 1897, ink on paper. Museum no. Linder Bequest BP.876(I)

All pictures from the V&A web page: 

Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature – Exhibition at South Kensington · V&A (vam.ac.uk)