With the perspective of the Climate Summit in Madrid, on November 5, the FHB held its annual Forum with the slogan “Implications of Environmental Sustainability”, After a brief introduction of the speakers by Vanessa Pombo, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Scientific Communication, a panel of experts analysed different perspectives of the environmental future. Guadalupe Arce, from the Department of Economic Analysis of the UCM, said that “multinationals should be important agents of change, due to the increase in their economic and social power, the international dimension of their supply chain and their decision-making capacity.” Francisco García Novo, Professor of Ecology and member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, thinks that “what happens now is the effect of our activity. Many species have decreased. The species die because they have no water. The path of well-being is very powerful, and we are in a dynamic that is difficult to retrace”. Ramón Pueyo, Managing Partner of the KPMG Sustainability Area, explained that “we have to dismantle false myths like that of “what drives companies is greed”, or that of “you can only succeed if you are bad”. Social change initiatives have come hand in hand with companies.” @uni.complutense @tribunacomplutense @kpmg_es #climatechangeisreal #climatechange #climatecrisis

Fidel López Álvarez, Francisco García Novo, Guadalupe Arce, Ramón Pueyo y Vanessa Pombo.

Photos: Jesús de Miguel